Terms & Conditions


Refund Policy

All payments are final and no refunds will be processed.


Price Corrections & Adjustments

For items such as Produce, Meat, and Deli the items listed on the website are per pound and as such we will need to make a final adjustment to reflect the correct amount. You will be given the actual price once the item is weighed.


Curbside Pick Up

We will do our best to ready your order within 24 hours.



At this point we cannot ship orders. We are working to find an efficient/economical method of shipping and we will update that information as we have it.


What happens when I place an order?

When you place an order, we need to know your address and contact details. This allows us to process and fulfil your order. You have the option to withhold personal information that is not required for the order process. You will be able to pay securely using credit card or Paypal.

You can expect to receive the following emails from us every time you place an order:
1) An order confirmation email very soon after ordering for you to check everything you've ordered.
2) Occasionally we might initiate contact with you if we need to clarify something on your order.
3) When your goods are ready we will send you an email confirming we have processed your order

That is it. We will not bother you again unless you contact us.

If you contact us about your order we will keep a record of that contact so we can better fulfill your order.

We do not sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party for commercial reasons, beyond the essential requirement for credit/debit card validation during purchase. In order to process credit/debit card transactions, the bank or card processing agency may require to verify your personal details for authorisation. Your information will not be transferred for any other purpose.

We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access in accordance with USA data protection legislation.

You can check, update or remove your personal details by contacting us in writing.

We will keep a record of your orders so that we can deal with any issues or assist you in future repeat purchases. If you wish to have your purchase history anonymised, please contact us and we will remove identifying information from the records.